Cherry Angioma Removal Wisbech

Cherry Angioma are small red dots, ruby points, or blood spots. These are made of a cluster of small capillaries at the skin’s surface. They can range in different color ranging from bright red up to purple.

As this grows older, this tends to expand in terms of thickness and might take on the rounded and raised shape of the dome. They can be found in the different parts of the body. Many individuals develop these small red dots a few; however, the number is determined genetically.

These dots appear in early adulthood, but onslaught in the genetically inclined tend to increase as the person approaches the age of 40s. Which they are considered harmless and painless. Click here to find out more about us!

How People Get Cherry Angioma Wisbech

Exact causes of Cherry Angioma are unknown; however; there might be genetic factors which makes individuals more likely to develop or get them. These small red spots are also linked to exposure to certain chemicals, pregnancy, climate, and particular medical conditions.

There has also been a linked to age. These often start to appear when people reach the age of 30 to 40 years old and tend to increase in number and size with age. A study revealed that over 75% of individuals aging 75 years old and above have Cherry Angioma. Click here to see how to prepare for the treatment!

How are these Cherry Angiomas Treated?

Cryosurgery : 

This type of treatment involves freezing of angioma with the use of liquid nitrogen. The intense cold will destroy the red spots. This treatment method is widely known for being a relatively easy and quick procedure.

Even a single session of cryosurgery works; the liquid nitrogen is sprayed for only 10 seconds. The wounds do not require lots of care afterward.


Cherry Angioma Removal Made Easy with Cryopen Wisbech

Red small dots are considered harmless and painless. Cherry Angioma removal is now made easy with CryoPen. Cherry Angioma typically turns dark as they heal, but after a single CryoPen treatment, these heal beautifully.

CryoPen is state of the art treatment utilizing extreme cold which is also referred to as cryotherapy to safely and painlessly destroy benign, superficial and unwanted lesions in the skin’s surface such as skin tags, warts, scars, verrucae, cherry angiomas, millia and more.


Does this treatment really work?

* CryoPen is an effective medical procedure that works. This procedure is also safe and can be performed in just a few minutes.

Does CryoPen require anesthesia? Does it hurt?   

*No, anesthesia is not required and the procedure is virtually painless.

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